The Oakland based sextet, Puff Puff Beer, covers a huge spectrum of music with impressive and dedicated realness. Funky bass-lines, groovy drums, jazzy keys, and rock guitar riffs, fuse with honest, soulful vocals. Whether the topic is their favorite French basketball star, or just being flat out broke, with an alcoholic girlfriend, every track is a celebration of the many questions in life. Simply put, there ain’t no party like a Puff Puff Beer party! Founded by vocalist Antione “Saxx” Simmons, and guitarist Ryan Schaeffer, in the summer of 2012, Puff Puff Beer featured somewhat of a rotating cast in the production of their 2013 debut EP, Great Decisions. Later that year the group would solidify with the addition of bassist Carson Smith, drummer Isaac Schwartz, and keyboardist Ian Mcardle. It wouldn't be until 2014, and the release of All About Love, that the group would be blessed with the soulful vocal presence of Dejonii “Mistah Luhtakizz” Desai. For Press Inquiries and Bookings Please contact Puff Puff Beer at: PPBmanager@gmail.com

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